Do you wish to have wallpaper, which will bring to your interior a unique touch?

Tailor-made wallcoverings, one of a kind printed especially for you?

With original repetition of pattern, colour palette and scale most suitable for your interior – everything specially selected to match your individual style.
Patterns from your walls may travel onto curtains, upholstered furniture or cushions…

Inspire us, we would love to create patterns from your dreams.

We have seasonal pattern library from which you can choose, or if you dream about unique pattern designed only for you, we can make your dream come true.

Swallows / Wallpapers by Addicted to patterns studio

What we can do for you

Custom Wallpaper & Textile design

You can choose a print from our collection and request a bespoke colour matching or commission us to design a custom print especially for you and your interior project. Hand screen printed wallcoverings & textiles will add unique style to your interiors.

Bespoke print & colour matching

Addicted to Patterns specialise in bespoke print comissions and colour matching.  We work with private and commercial clients and design unique collections of prints for fashion, interior and product designers. If you are a fashion designer, we can print for prototypes of your collection. If you wish to develop a print collection, we can sample it for you on various substrates.

Prints for TV, Film & Theatre scenography

We offer a bespoke design and reproduction service from the archival patterns.

We work with costume & set designers offering textile and wall hangings and other substrates print services for the tv, film set or theatre scenography.


Design & print Consultation

We can help you to style your interior, advice on colours and accessories. Add an unique touch with high-quality handcrafted goods, made especially to your individual order.

If you are interested in pattern design, printmaking and colour theory and would like to develope your practice you can book 1:1 session with Justyna. Terms and conditions individually agreed.

If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact us.
We’d love to talk about your ideas

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