Unique Window Display

Artisan wallpapers tailored for a special occasion

We have printed a very unique collection of  wallpapers; our hand crafted patterns decorate the window of Bristol’s glamorous Whittaker Wells. One of our favourite interior showrooms and definite must visit place on the city map, recommended for everyone interested in design, textiles, wallcoverings and for a pattern addict without limits. For this special occasion our designer selected a colour palette from legendary Mylands paints and its colours of London.

Traditional craftsmanship and finest quality from London’s oldest paintmaker.

Mylands is Britain’s oldest family owned and run paint and wood polishes manufacturer.


Process of painting & printing

What we love most is the craft. The process of making wallpapers is our passion; creating the moodboard, testing the colour palette, sampling prints, pairing designs so they can tell a story. Presented in a new colour variation, our hand screen printed wall hangings reflect a frosty winter season and celebrate the New Year with shimmering gold and silver patterns.

Accept our invitation to a world rich in illustrative patterns.
Find a blooming constellation of Sea algaes,inspired by our admiration for the natural beauty of coral reefs, a Sea of Roses and glowing in the dark ballet Dancers, graphical yet floral Northern Meadows and playful Red Deser Cacti. Take a closer look, search for red ants running across the pattern, we love when twisted design meets classic.

Patterns that can travel

From wall hangings to fabrics and seat comfortable on silk cushions are accompanied by charming Viola ceramics studio Corals and the extragavant beauty of crystal chandelier by Fritz Fryer Lighting

Bespoke Colour matching

Unique wallpaper collection in carefully selected “colours of London ” paint range by Mylands
Rosea Dancers RD0170* in Eaton Square 232 by Mylands
Retro Swimmers RS0170* in Pale Lilac 246 by Mylands
Red Desert Cacti pattern RDC0170* in Eaton Square 232 by Mylands
Corals pattern CO0170* in Covent Garden floral 270 by Mylands
Northern Meadows NM0170* in Mid Wedgwood 113 by Mylands
Sea Florals pattern SE0170* in Myfair dark 218 by Mylands

* special edition of wallpapers