Illustrative wall hanging for Oscar the traveller

Artisan wallpaper mural.

Large scale hand screen printed and hand painted decorative illustration for Oscar’s bedroom. The aim was to re – decorate an earthy coloured nursary into a vibrant traveller’s room, with engaging wall decoration. Main colour palette includes; natural stone grey, mint green and sky blue, for printed colours we selected similar shades with an extra touch of fluorescent lime green, silver to highlight clouds and maroon for little villages hidden in  mountains.

Quality of hand printed and hand-painted wall hanging allowed us to create imaginative, non- repeatable design. Closer look reveals hand painted, patterned details of mountain chalets, paths in the forest together with oaks and pine trees. Forest made of oak trees was inspired by the name of Oscar’s family house and a great view of oak trees from his bedroom window.

Panel after panel to create the large wall illustration

Design and print process