Frequently asked questions

1. Can you design and print custom pattern?

Yes, of course we can design custom patterns especially for You. As surface designers we are collaborating with interior and fashion designers, with pleasure we work on projects where patterns are designed only for specified interior or collection.
Addicted to Patterns studio is always happy to discuss creative ideas.
Feel free to contact us!

2. Do you work only with interior designers?

Addicted to Patterns works with various types of clients: interior and fashion designers, business owners or individual customers.
Addicted to Patterns studio is represented by Whittaker Wells interior design showroom in Bristol area, where you can come and see our wallpapers live.
To arrange meeting please contact


1. How much is a roll?

We do not sell hand screen printed wallpapers per regular roll. We sell them by 3,5m panels.

If you would be interested in other options we can produce them by meters according to individual measurements. Wallpaper price depend of number of printed colors. We pay attention to sustainability and thanks to our philosophy we do not have a lot cut outs.

Digital collection of wallpapers comes in 8m rolls and is 52cm wide.
Price depends from number of colours used to print the patterns.
Contact us for free quote.

2. How to paste bespoke wallpaper?

Our wallpapers are made in 80% of textile fibers and 20% of paper. Thanks to that do not shrink and is really easy to paste.

Short tips; how to paste bespoke wallpaper.


  • Make sure You measured the interior precisely
  • Determine your wallpaper, check if it is‘paste the paper’ or ‘paste the wall’.
  • Check if wallpaper panels are undamaged.
  • Check if you have enough wallpaper panels to complete the job
  • Add 10cm to your specific measurement (to allow for trimming).
  • All panels must be checked for shade variation and faults before hanging.
  • Please make sure the direction of the design is correct.
  • Check labelling to see if your paper panels have direction numbers.
  • Bespoke designed and hand printed multi panels will be numbered individualy.
  • Using a plumb line, draw a vertical line with a pencil down the wall you are going to start papering. This will ensure that your pattern will remain straight and avoid the pattern looking diagonal, especially on long walls.


  • Cut and hung only 1 length at a time.
  • Check which way up the design is before hanging.
  • Check which way up the design is before hanging.
  • Make sure You lay all panels from side to side to see how they match before pasting.
  • Make sure You do not crease the paper when folding panels.
  • While hanging the wallpaper panels make sure that joins are tightly butted and never overlap.
  • Prepare your wallpaper adhesive before pasting and always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Any paste squeezed through the joins should be immediately wiped away with a damp, clean soft cloth.
  • Use the end of the brush’s bristles to gently tap the paper where the wall meets the ceiling and skirting.
  • To trim any excess paper, mark a line down the corner of the paper with the back of the scissors, ease the paper away from the wall and trim it with the scissors. Brush the paper back into place.

3. What means that wallpapers are hand screen printed?

Hand screen printed wallpaper is a wallpaper with a pattern applied by hand with special technique called silk screen printing. Many times we were asked what type of printer we use or what does it mean that our wallpapers are hand printed.

Hand screen printing is a time consuming process, known from ancient Japan. This is a technique of repetitive printing, using basic tools and power of our muscles. We use only one machine during wallpaper printing process: it is a special table with suction system, which prevent the wallpaper from moving during printing.

We print our patterns using screen with exposed pattern (special mesh with micro holes- pattern consist of open holes through which the paint passes onto wallpaper, and the rest is covered), special squeegee and paint. Paint is poured onto screen, which lays on piece of wallpaper roll. Than moving the squeegee through the surface of a screen we help paint to go through the pattern and settle down on paper. We have to repeat this process many times. How many it depends of the wallpaper length and numbers of colours in the pattern.

4. I like your wallpapers but don’t know if they fit to my interior, can you help me?

Of course. We do offer free of charge consultation (in Avon area).
Addicted to Patterns specialize in colour and pattern matching, we are happy to help combining all decorative elements, wall hangings and textiles to make your interior look unique.

5. Can I get the catalogue?

We can send you our pdf catalogue free of charge. Just write us an email.
If you need our wallpaper samples, up to 3 samples you can have for free.

Our limited edition of catalogues contain original samples of our hand screen printed wallpapers and are 100% hand made. The price of catalogue depends on number of design samples included.
You may order a catalog via email
Complete 2017 Wallpaper Collection cataloque includes 7 hand screen printed designs and is available for £ 50.

8. How do I know how much of wallpaper I need to order?

The minimum order for custom printed wallpaper is 3 meters panel.
If You would like to decorate entire interior we would ask You for exact measurements.
Addicted to Patterns studio will print wallpaper panels especially to fit your needs.
Printing to custom order allows our studio to print only the amount needed to decorate specific interior.
Thanks to hand printing process we also work with individual panels and match patterns while printing.
Each panel of wallpaper is labeled to help position it while pasting your walls.

9. What does it mean that wallpaper might be customized?

Our collections come in set of selected seasonal colours, if you wish, we can customize the colour palette according to your needs. Colours on wallpaper divides in two groups – background colour – base colour which is always hand painted and colour(s) of hand screen printed pattern. Numbers of colours are presented in wallpaper specification.
Other custom feature is patterns repetition – for certain wall hangings the density of the pattern might be adjusted. The idea behind custom repeat is to maintain the balance between the pattern and the space of your interior.

Conditions to be agreed please contact

10. Can I have a sample of wallpaper to see if it matches to my interior?

Yes, You can order sample of wallpaper from hand screen printed collection.
Availability on samples is limited as we print each wallpaper design when we reveal new collection. Each season the colour variation for individual pattern will change.
You can always order small swatch 10cm – 10cm free of charge.

If you have any other question, feel free to write us at