About Addicted to Patterns

Addicted to patterns is Bristol based creative multidisciplined studio created by Justyna Medon professional printmaker and surface decoration specialist and Mani Swiatek web designer and photographer. Combining craftsmanship with digital techniques they are able to deliver best quality and complex design services.

Addicted to Patterns offers:

  • bespoke printed artisan textiles and wallpapers
  • interior decoration consultations

Addicted to patterns sustainable philosophy

„Materials we use every day come from UK suppliers; paints from London, wallpapers (with textile fibers) from North East England. Workflow and used materials are eco friendly as we care about ethical production – screen printed and hand designed wallpaper and textiles are made into individual orders.
Addicted to patterns duo use water-based paints (as well for paper as for textiles), which are less harmful for environment than any other,  we print only the amout that is needed for decoration of the wall – room that helps us to balance our off cuts and causes very low amount of general waste.
We print with passion and for individuals that care about ethic and estethic. Colors are mixed by hand in our studio, this is what brings into every wallpaper or fabric individual feeling.
Taking care of environments means also, that we are recycling and re-using as many materials as possible, what in this kind of workshop is really help full and raises the sense of creativity.”

Process we are passionate about.
From hand drawn patterns together with colour separation to hand mixed colours for our painted backgrounds and silkscreen printing… this is the beauty of craftsmanship and we simply adore it!